Welcome to our Wellness and Fitness section. We have gathered leading professionals in their fields and they are here to let you achieve your goals!!


Gyms: Whether you want lose weight or you want to run a mile in 10 minutes – Imotion Gym will get you there and everywhere in between! They will give you pointers on the best way to do what you want! Informative videos, updated with latest information, are at your fingertips, delivered by a professional team of trainers. Disclaimer: These exercises are only suitable for individuals without any injuries and may worsen existing injuries if performed without adequate supervision.


Physiotherapy: Mauritius is a nation of sports enthusiasts and our physiotherapists will make sure you can keep practising your favourite sports! Strengthen that niggly ankle, learn to improve your knee stability, get tips on how to improve your posture and prevent back pain!  Ask them any question about your muscular injuries and you will learn how to manage them best!


Nutritionist: Worried about your growing waistline? Suffering from diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure or gout? Or do you simply want to switch to a healthier diet for yourself and your family? You are in the right place! Our experienced nutritionists will give you individualised plans, tailored to your lifestyle and situation.


Traditional Chinese medicine:  Sick of being sick? Does everything feel out of whack and scores of doctors cannot put a finger on the issue? Get a consultation with our world-class traditional Chinese medicine experts to assess your body’s energy and bring about balance. From acupuncture to moxibustion, the appropriate treatment will be prescribed and administered to you.

The Wellness Concept & I-Motion Gym


Ugo Dalais

i-Motion Gym & The Wellness Concept

Exercice Therapy & Wellness

Ugo Dalais is the man behind the creation of The Wellness Concept and I-Motion Gym. His experience and vision are priceless resources and help position I-Motion as a gym that is different from all the rest. He is continuously seeking to improve the service of I-Motion and share all his knowledge with his team and the gym members.

He loves to promote awesome Sports, Fitness, Events & Much more.

Superman lat pull down

Mountain climbers and downdog

Power high knee

Lateral shuffle

Kettlebell clean and press

Bridge plank movement

Bird & Dog Reach

shoulder rotation



Ugo Dalais

i-Motion Gym & The Wellness Concept

Exercice Therapy & Wellness

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